Healing is by appointment. Each person is seen individually for treatment. Distant Healing (Therapeutic Channelling) which is also very successful is done by mail, email or telephone.

I have been very successful with the above ailments but never tell anyone I can completely cure them that is up to the divine power and their beliefs.

I send distant healing in the mornings and sometimes after work in the afternoon, if its urgent. This is done on a daily basis, and all names are noted, this takes place in a a quiet and special place to me. I also do likewise at Church and in Knock. I also pray and help anyone who was sick and has been cured in my own parish and elsewhere.

Distant healing is best if requested by the person, or persons involved, I tell them when its going to be sent, and they respond likewise in thought or pray. Religion does not come into it.

Healing is for everyone, of all nationalities and culture, as we are all one on this planet.

 I have retired from travelling to different workshops and clinic's.

All appointments and details are now done from my home at Frenchpark. 

 Healing is a gift, a small donation for healing, enables me to continue my work and to help those who need it. If you decide to donate, Your donation shall be very much appreciated.

You shall have my most gracious thanks for allowing me to continue with my work.

​​​​​Author & Healer.  Philip Coogan.
 Write to me at my address.

                        Philip Coogan,




                        County Roscommon,

                        Ireland  F45 X402


             Email_ID:  drphilipcoogan@collusionwithinjustice.com

 Distant healing or appointment.