Eventually, not being allowed to rebuild, and the bungalow having been repossessed, their lives were threatened.  Over a year later in 1973 and virtually destitute, Philip had to take his family South, rented an old damp cottage at Frenchpark. where they knew no one on arrival. Living with epilepsy and stress from the bomb, Philip’s health collapsed, he was admitted to a mental hospital. and lost ten years of his life being pumped up with drugs not remembering his children growing up.

After a few visits to a Holy Shrine, Philip slowly regained part of his health to the delight of his loving family. Philip in thanksgiving became a Steward of The Knock Shrine Society, where he has now been helping for years. His healing powers are now stronger than ever. He completed a course to become a member of The National Federation of Spiritual Healers worldwide, giving hands on healing by appointment. Philip also trained and obtained qualifications as a Ricki Master.

Philip further studies at the Open University, and was awarded an MBA in business studies. Over two years later he received a Doctrine degree.

With his love for writing Philip became a member in 1998 of Amnesty International.


"I suffered from a painful shoulder, during the treatment I could feel"... 

Read the journey of this man through insurmountable odds as he learns to heal others through his experience and compassion...

Relive with him, cry with him, and overcome his greatest challenges... 

Philip came from a large family, and being the eldest he left school at an early age to work in his father’s garage. Over the years Philip obtained many qualifications, working as a mechanic, a panelbeater and spray painter. In London Philip received a degree in General Garage Management.

He returned to Donaghadee in County Down, along with his Dublin-born wife and children. He had bought a detached bungalow overlooking the golf course, and shortly afterwards purchased a garage on the Coast Road. With the skills of a General Garage Manager, Philip soon had a thriving business.

It was on the evening of December 7th 1971 that Philip almost lost his life. A tragedy had occurred. The family business was bombed, and was destroyed in the fire. Philip, his wife Patricia and three young children were in tears in the run up to Christmas. their family lives left in pieces. Philip and the family had been very happy living in the seaside town, with the children at private school, and with a high standard of living — this was their home.

Philip Coogan tells with honesty this true and moving story of himself and his young families tragedy in the seaside town of Donaghadee.

Out of The Flames began when Philip returned to his native Northern Ireland. where he had grown up as a schoolboy. Living at Arboe. Philip attended the local school, and soon became very popular with his school pals, because he could cure things. One evening his pals saw a lifeless bird by the road side, apparently it had been hit by an army jeep,always on the move from the nearby army camp during world war two. Philip was handed the lifeless creature. Cupping it in his hands for a short period. Philip could seen the little eyes moving — next it began to move to the amazement of his pals, then it flapped its wings as Philip open his hands and everyone watched the bird fly off into the sunlight.

Philip later developed tuberculosis and had a near death experience. Shortly after his confirmation at Arboe, year 1946 Philip seen an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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